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Vedic Science comprises six components in which ASTROLOGY is major one. Astrology was evolved with Eastern Civilization in many years ago which directs toward the Eastern philosophy, costume and tradition. So, we ASTRORULE are standing as a part of Vedic-Astrology to predict your future related to life, wisdom and your surroundings. Moreover, we direct you and make you aware about any future loss or uncertainties that would harm your life prior to happen any undesirable situations.

We provide you 24/7 and 365 days services to make you feel free with your Astro related problems and provide sufficient guidelines in every step in your life. We are well equipped with advance technology and have well renowned astrologers to provide reliable services. We assure you the quality of our services and never compromise to maintain it. ASTRORULE always believe in two way relation between you and us and always appreciate your feedbacks and suggestions which provides us to customize our services as per your needs and desire.

We do analyze your past and present and also predict your future related to the area of love, career, marriage, Health, wealth, Family purely based on Veda suggested remedies for those problems. We also provide services of Puja, Chakra, Gemstone, Natal Chart, Hawan etc.

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We are here welcome you in our magnificent services regarding your life (love, family, career, social status) from vedic astrology point of view. We have well known astrologer for live prediction from Nepal. If you have any queries about your life please try once our services and be a witness.


Astrorule always welcome your feedback, suggestions, or any queries regarding the use of Astrorule's App. We enjoy hearing from you and value your opinion.